Thank you for purchasing your kitchen from The Pentland Kitchen Company, please see below terms and conditions of sale.  

Quotes - All quotes are valid for a month from the date of receipt and are subject to change and can be repealed at any point with notification from either party.

Changes/ Errors - Please double check all colours, finishes, details, products and measurements are accurate and advise of any changes or errors as soon as you can, any changes or errors reported after 48 hours of paying the deposit will likely be chargeable to the client as it will have gone into the factory for order although we will help as much as we can.
 In the event of an supply only kitchen it is the client/installers responsibility to check the sizes and measurements of the design and site.  If The Pentland Kitchen Company is installing please ignore this as we will check, although we do recommend a double check.

Delivery - your delivery has been booked for a date as agreed when paying the deposit. We aim for a timed delivery but are not responsible for this time, we will do our best but the variables of traffic/staff sickness etc don't make this always possible, the delivery can arrive any time the agreed day of delivery. Please note failed deliveries incur a re-delivery charge of £120 plus vat. If you notice any damaged packaging on your delivery, please ensure that you highlight this with the driver and please also let us know immediately. Anything that has been cut we can't replace in any way as damage will have likely occurred during cutting. We recommend you clear a large enough space in your home prior to delivery as your new kitchen may take up more space than you think.

Deposits - All deposits are subject to a 48 hour cooling off period. After the 48 hour cooling off period we will remove any costs that Pentland has incurred in the production of your kitchen. This is dependent on how far along the process the kitchen is and could incur additional costs above and beyond the deposit amount.

Delayed deliveries – The Pentland Kitchen Company work on a lean procurement/manufacture/storage basis, this means once a kitchen is manufactured it must be delivered on the date agreed, if a delivery is delayed we may have to store your kitchen in a third-party facility and charge accordingly.

Plans/Drawings/visuals – All visuals are generic and, colours in particular, are closest available on the software, and therefore for illustrative purposes only and do not form any part of the purchase agreement or contract.  

Returns - As a bespoke kitchen manufacturer, all units are made to order therefore we are unable to accept returns of units/wireworks/doors/drawers/panels etcetera, however some appliances, worktops etcetera may be available for return but this will incur a minimum 30% re-stocking charge, this is in addition to any transport costs incurred for collection/return of the product. Due to supplier restrictions, no returns can be accepted after 7 days of delivery. We cannot replace/credit items that have been used, cut, drilled or customised in any way.

Warranties – All warranties are held with respective suppliers, we will guarantee our work for 1 year and have a call back on it for that period for any problems caused by poor workmanship, note this does not extend to the layout of the kitchen or the location of items after installation. Every kitchen is unique so please ask us for individual warranties for your specific project as we use a variety of suppliers for each kitchen.

Appliance Warranty - All appliance warranties are the responsibility of the end user and must be registered within the timescale specified by the manufacturer. Any faults within the warranty period to be reported to the manufacturer.

Call outs – In the case of a supply only kitchen we encourage you to get in touch with your fitter for any problems in the first instance if this isn’t possible, we will send a team out but this could be chargeable, please contact us for details.

Balance payments - Balance payment falls due 7 working days prior to delivery, failure to receive clear funds on time may affect the manufacturing and or delivery date. In the case of a supply and install final payment is due 7 working days after completion of your kitchen.

Consequential losses - The Pentland Kitchen Company cannot under any circumstances be held liable for consequential losses howsoever caused, we advise you take delivery of your kitchen prior to arranging any tradesmen etc.

Works – Works carried out will only be those expressly detailed on your quote/invoice, any other work over and above what is listed on your quote/invoice will be chargeable. During work in your property the guys will expect to be able to use a toilet, indeed it is a legal requirement for us to provide them with adequate toilet facilities. If this is a problem we can arrange a portable toilet that will be located on site for the duration of the job and charged back to the customer.

During the works your kitchen will become a work space, please treat it as such and it is your responsibility to make yourself safe in the space. It is our recommendation that you vacate the kitchen area entirely during the build, particularly when the fitting team are in and using power tools.

Solid Surface Worktops - All solid surfaces will be subject to a template and installation. The dates of these will be confirmed by The Pentland Kitchen Company following confirmation of order. Templating guidelines and a list of fitting expectations will be supplied prior to templating. Changes to template or fitting dates due to installation hold ups or abandoned templating due to incorrect fitting of the units will incur additional cost to the end user and a second template may take up to 4 weeks. Installation of worktops will be within 14 days of successful templating. Any additional material or changes not agreed before order will incur extra costs to the end user and will be added to your final payment.

Customer Supplied Products – The Pentland Kitchen Company are happy to fit products supplied by the customer in the course of fitting their kitchen, we require these products to be on site and available on the first day of installation and it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the product purchased will fit. In the case of a supply only kitchen we are happy to check appliance sizes but it is the customers responsibility to ensure that they fit.