The worktop is the final piece of your kitchen to be fitted and is the point where it feels like the job is done. It is also usually the first thing people will see and comment on when you are showing off your new kitchen so it is worth spending the time to make sure you have the right top for your kitchen and your budget. Below is a range of worktops we offer with a selection of colours in each one. In all cases these images are only a small amount of what can be offered in each material and we have lots more samples in the showroom to go over so please get in touch to book an appointment and we can talk you through your options.



Granite is an excellent choice for a kitchen worktop, being both scratch and heat resistant, granite should see out the lifetime of the kitchen. Generally Granite will have a larger pattern than other worktops so it really lends itself to large open kitchens or big islands where the pattern can really show itself. Part of granite's charm is that it is a natural product but you should be aware that no two granite's are the same and that the end result can differ from the samples in the showroom.
The most common quartz brands are Silestone, Cosentino and Caesarstone, at the Pentland Kitchen Company we work with all these suppliers to ensure your kitchen can be as unique as you are. Fabricated from natural quartz and mixed with bits of glass or flecks of metal, quartz is a man made material and has a much more uniform look than Granite. Because of this you can be confident that the sample you see in the showroom will match what is installed in your kitchen. Sharing many of the benefits of Granite, quartz is also non-porous meaning it is easy to clean and is the most hygenic worktop available. 


Dekton is an utracompact surface using the same raw materials as in the production of quartz, porcelain and glass. These materials are then subjected to Sinterized Particle Technology which is a process that mimics the natural process that rock and stone go through over thousands of years to create a super durable work surface. Heat, stain, UV, scratch, ice resistant and completely non-porous Dekton is the most durable worktop on the market. You can even use it outside so if you have an outdoor area we can match it to your kitchen. 

Solid Wood

Solid wood is an excellent choice for a solid top without the price tag of a quartz, granite or Corian. Whilst most people agree solid wood looks incredible in a traditional farmhouse kitchen it is also brilliant at adding warmth to an ultramodern high gloss white or graphite kitchen. It is worth bearing in mind that you do have to oil or wax wood and this can put people off but if you are prepared to do the work the results are amazing and you will end up with a unique worktop as every wooden worktop ages differently.


Laminate's has two main strengths over the solid tops listed above, one is it's affordability, laminate will be the least expensive option for your kitchen. The second is the choice of colour you get with a  laminate worktop, you can have anything from white gloss to matt black to wood effect and basically everything in between. Because laminate is a man made sheet material it will also be exactly the same as the showroom sample. Laminate has come on a lot since the last time most people did their kitchen and we would encourage you not to dismiss it as an affordable option.