An interesting lesson learnt

A friend of mine years ago had a new kitchen put in his home, and there was a whole lot of tension flying around the place.

Some of it could be attributed to the natural angst a new homeowner feels when they realise a new kitchen is going to wipe out a substantial chunk of their pay cheque.

But a lot of the trouble he went through was down to poor communication between him and the guys fitting the kitchen.

Standing on the side-lines, I could see what was going wrong.

The company fitting the kitchen hadn’t even considered that it might have been helpful to already have the right taps and pipes waiting for the fitting team.

No doubt you’ve gone through that frustration yourself - but from the more frustrating side.

I remember thinking to myself, when I run my own kitchen company, communication is going to be high on the values we adopt. It was an interesting lesson learnt.

Personally, I was much luckier than my friend because Leon fitted my first kitchen, and everyone knows how good he is. So much so, we are now in business together!

There’s something a little bit different about Pentland Kitchens that makes life a lot easier for our fitters and customers.

Whether we are doing the fit or the customer is supplying their own joiner we know the importance of communication and we support all parties throughout the whole process.

Not only will we put in the hours negotiating costs and helping them decide whether it’s Cadet or Hartforth Blue cupboards they need, but we’ll also ensure all the units are in place ready to go on behalf of the fitter.

So, when you fit a kitchen for Pentland, you really do simply fit a kitchen.

You tell us when you want to start, we deliver the units fully assembled with the doors and drawers already fitted and the fitter gets in there and does what they do best. Cool, eh?

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