Why Independent retailers win every time

Most people come to see us after visiting a few of the big retail park brands. You know the ones, they’re all over your TV, billboards and on every retail park – pretty hard to miss.

With the paid advertisements, catchy jingles and never-ending sales, you’re forgiven for thinking that they’re the best choice – after all, there can’t be that much difference, surely?

Although all kitchens have a sink, cooker and fridge, as the old saying goes, ‘The devil’s in the detail’, and these details are the difference between a showstopping kitchen that lasts a lifetime and a nice kitchen that will be ok for the next few years.

At The Pentland Kitchen Company, every single kitchen we design is made to order, which is something that the ‘big sheds’ can’t offer.  For them, someone’s dream kitchen is just another run on the production line - the outcome is a kitchen covered in dozens of holes to cover every eventuality.
With the ‘big guys’, the design is restricted to working around what they can mass produce and supply. At Pentland, we create a unique kitchen based on what your client requires, and we’re happy for it to be as big and as adventurous as they can envisage. It means we can add all sorts of bespoke lighting, storage and appliance solutions; your options are endless.

To the untrained eye, a kitchen from The Pentland Kitchen Company is noticeably a higher quality and finish to a run-of-the-mill kitchen, to the trained eye, they are worlds away from what the ‘big sheds’ can offer.


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