Cupboards aren’t everything

Ever set foot in a kitchen that has all the ingredients to make Pinterest heaven, but something’s not quite perfect?

Of course, you have. And it’s frustrating.

Because when it comes to kitchens, it’s not just about choosing the right colours and cupboards:

It’s the fit that matters most.

So, let me tell you a bit about our fitting philosophy and introduce you to a part of the team here that’s been integral to our service for many years: the kitchen fitting team.

Leon leads our fitting team, over the years he’s grown to understand the ins and outs and the kooks and quirks of every product that we supply.

We’re all agreed that having the perfect fit is absolutely crucial to creating a kitchen that a customer is truly happy with, right?

That’s why we decided to put a whole lot of effort into forming a good relationship with a good group of people that we could trust to do the job right.
The whole team knows and understands our high standards and work ethic too. They’ve built up serious skills in putting together the beautiful kitchens available from The Pentland Kitchen Company and we’re really proud of the job they do.

Having a good relationship with our fitting team makes the whole process - from searching for the right product to seeing it fully fitted and functional - simple, speedy and stress-free.
And if there’s ever any need for remedial work, we send fitters back to the site as soon as possible.

One simple process, from one company and one team of fitters that you know, will do the job right.

Clients can rest assured that their kitchens are being put together by a team of bona fide experts. And that’s what makes all the difference to crafting the perfect kitchen!

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