This probably won’t surprise you

It probably won’t surprise you to learn that we have to keep our finger on the pulse of current kitchen trends.

That’s generally what happens when you sell kitchens for a living.

But you might not have us down as secret Pinterest enthusiasts. But we are, we like to keep an eye on what’s getting pinned the most. And we have to say, sometimes we’re surprised.

Some trends aren’t for us, But there’s one thing which is selling a lot at Pentland right now – and we do totally get why.

A blue cupboard door – It’s bang on trend at the moment.

It’s called the Fitzroy Hartforth Blue door, and it’s made by Second Nature Kitchens. Pretty fancy name it’s got there, right? Well, in our opinion, the product lives up to the name.

A modern take on the classic shaker style cupboard, Fitzroy Hartforth Blue doors suit both a contemporary look and a traditional one.

These shaker style doors are easy to maintain. They’re great value. They’re timeless.

But the best bit? That beautiful blue makes them incredibly striking and very versatile. Because it looks really great matched with any light worktop. My personal favourite combination? The Fitzroy Hartforth Blue door with a marbled quartz worktop.

Pure delight.

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