Contemporary Kitchens

When it comes to kitchens, there is an obvious divide in taste – Modern and Traditional.

We love them both equally and think that either can work in most spaces.

You may recall my email a few months back regarding one of the Second Nature kitchens we offer – the Contemporary Shaker. This week I wanted to talk to you about another one of our Second Nature Kitchens from our Contemporary range – Remo.

The Remo kitchen combines a contemporary look with the durability to stand up to the demands of modern life. It’s a handleless design thanks to its integrated handle which makes it hugely popular.

It’s the perfect door for crafting modern kitchens that have a sleek and minimal finish.
It has a 22mm lacquered door, giving a really nice feel to the handle and the quality of having a lacquered door, which we can paint one of 32 colours. To see the colours that this door is available in just click here.

Because it’s lacquered rather than wrapped like a lot of handless doors it is much more resistant to damage, particularly from water. We’ve all seen the effects of a bubbled door that’s been left under a kettle, and it isn’t pretty - this shouldn’t happen to a Remo door (or at least it should be a much longer process).

The real beauty of this range is that there's plenty of choices when it comes to the design, meaning it’s always possible to give the client exactly what they’re looking for, at a price they can afford. At Pentland Kitchens, we provide them all, and we’re more than happy to design it all for you too.

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