It’s not all about Aaron!

I’m Leon, the other half of The Pentland Kitchen Company, and it’s about time I introduced myself.
When Aaron and I started The Pentland Kitchen Company, we made the decision to supply kitchens that really worked for the trades.
Being a joiner myself, I know how important it is to get that right.
During my apprenticeship, the company I worked for had a couple of contracts with kitchen suppliers and I would be taken out by my tradesman to help fit them.
Immediately I loved everything about it. I loved the level of detail, the extra level of workmanship required for a perfect finish and getting a roll on a Friday helped! The main thing I loved though was the satisfaction of showing up to an empty room and leaving a fully working kitchen that the customer could show off to their friends. 
As I helped out on more and more jobs and started to really get a feel for the work, I started to learn about all sorts of different things, including the quality of the furniture that we were working with.
And so, when Aaron and I set out to choose our suppliers for The Pentland Kitchens Company, we vowed never to buy the kind of furniture that makes joiners howl with frustration, but to focus on supplying a product that is well thought out and easy to install.
And that’s what you get with The Pentland Kitchen Company. A beautifully designed product that consistently exceeds the price tag.
If you’d like to learn more about our kitchens or how we work, just hit reply and I’ll be happy to chat.

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