Bedroom Design Tips to Take Note of

You may know by now that The Pentland Kitchen Company is a slightly misleading name.
Our passion lies in creating functional, quality kitchens, but we're a dab hand at creating home offices and bedrooms for Edinburgh, too.

Much like kitchens, you need to get a few important design elements right for the space to be highly functional as well as nice to look at.

And if you consider the fact that we spend a third of our lives asleep, bedroom design is right up there as the second most important room of the house (after the kitchen, of course).
We're thrilled to offer an extensive range of wardrobes and fitted furniture for your bedroom renovations.

In the meantime, we'll share some design tips we've learned along the way.
1. Use a selection of warm colour tones.
The bedroom is our safe space, a sanctuary if you like. So, it's one area of the home where promoting comfort is key. Using a selection of warm colour tones will make the room feel warmer and cosier but are particularly welcoming in a place like Scotland, where it can get quite chilly!
This doesn't have to be bold or bright colours; the simple swap from white to cream will make all the difference, especially when teamed with warm and rich-coloured accessories. This bedroom features fitted wardrobes in the colour Cashmere from Second Nature, which is a great choice teamed with wooden accents and pops of black. It's trendy and welcoming.
2. Don't overlook your bedroom lighting.
Lighting plays a massive role. Warm lighting isn't just important for reading, chilling, or watching TV; it's crucial for promoting that warm and cosy mood. And let's not forget the functional aspect – the right lighting is essential, especially in areas where you will be getting ready, opt for a main source of light first, something bright that will illuminate the room and then consider some additional light sources like bedside lamps or mirror lights that will enable you to adjust the room lighting to your activities.

Bedside lamps are the perfect spot for reading or watching TV, but they're also functional lights to save you from getting out of bed to turn the main light off once you've already got warm and cosy in bed.
3. Bedroom storage is key.
We often emphasise the importance of storage in the kitchen, but it's equally important in the bedroom. Well-organised storage that uses every inch of space maximises floor space, allowing you to get the most out of your room. Having the right storage solutions will mean everything from clothes to toiletries has a place, encouraging organisation and a clutter-free room.

A great tip is to list your items before you have your bedroom furniture designed; that way, you can make sure you have the right spaces within your wardrobes and bedside furniture for your own personal ratio of jeans, shoes, dresses, etc.… The last thing you want is to suffer creased closed because you don't have suitable spaces for hanging them assigned.
4. Considering everyday preparation is important
Our bedrooms are where we prepare for the day ahead, so having a functional space in your room that you can get ready should be well-considered. A dedicated desk area to do hair and make-up and check your appearance will make mornings run smoother. Mirrors are best placed with lots of natural light, so think about this when designing where this area will be. Consider all aspects of your morning routine. Do you need to accommodate a chair? Are full-length mirrors essential?

If your room lacks natural light, your lighting in these areas, in particular, will need to be well thought out.
5. Put your stamp on it.
Lastly, remember that your bedroom is your personal space. It's the one room in the house where you have the most freedom to express who you are without considering guests or visitors, so don't hold back. Whether you fill it with pictures, plants, or a selection of ornaments, make sure you take note of the important pieces you want to showcase when it's all done and have them considered in the design process. This bedroom beautifully carves out the perfect space for pictures, a mirror and a space to get ready, all neatly framed by fitted wardrobes.
A good night's sleep is promoted by a well-designed bedroom (and a comfy bed).
Get the right tones, storage and lighting in your room, and you'll have a cosy, well-organised space that makes getting into bed after a long day – a dream.

If you're embarking on a bedroom renovation project, we hope this blog has been a valuable source for your planning. We'd love to hear from you if you'd like to talk more with our friendly expert team, who can evaluate your current space and work with you to create a stylish and functional haven.

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